The Terra Bru difference

What makes Terra Bru different?

Terra Bru has 1/35th the amount of caffeine as coffee and 1/60th of most energy drinks. The only caffeine in Terra Bru is the caffeine that is naturally occurring in cacao. Terra Bru doesn't have any more caffeine than your favorite chocolate bar. That isn't our major source of energy. The magic is in the mushrooms.

Gives you healthy enduring energy without the crash.

Supports your adrenal glands instead of taxing them.

Improves the efficiency of your body to make energy instead of just depleting the body of it’s stored energy sources.

It is all organic without any hidden nonsense.

Low calorie and sugar free makes it perfect as is, or easy to customize.

It doesn’t only give you energy, it gives your body what it needs to function optimally. 

We like to think of it as Mother Nature's Energy Drink.

Boost your energy and focus without the crash.

Give Terra Bru a try.